logo smallWe at Global Heats believe in possibility! We believe that children should and can be raised in a positive, productive environment. We believe that money alone is not the only solution to the challenges that children globally face today. We believe that our donations can come from loving people with generous hearts.
The way we provide solutions for the status quo that exists in children’s charities today in the world is by building organic, holistic, spiritually based, self-sustaining communities of children, community workers and global travelers, who each have their special and essential part to play in this mutually beneficial ecosystem. The children benefit from a stable loving home, an excellent education and encouragement to step into an authentic life which expresses their true purpose. The community workers benefit from stable jobs and by expansion of their own possibilities, fueled both by working with the children and by helping to elevate their entire village through their efforts. The travelers give, get and grow: They GIVE from the heart by sharing their life wisdom with the children. They GET by experiencing a phenomenal vacation immersed in the local culture and natural environment. And they GROW by learning about the culture, working with the children and expanding their concepts about how changing the world is truly possible.
Yes, we are on a loving mission to change the world by impacting lives one precious child at a time. In fact, we are rising the next generation of world leaders by coming from a place of love instead of lack! We invite you to join us on this quest…the day has come, the time is now, to change children’s lives, and through them, to change the world!

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